Our Special Cable keep what we promise...

SENSOCAB manufactures high-quality special cables and wires.

Our strength is the production of

  • highly flexible miniature cables with conductor diameters from 0,0019 mm² / AWG44 up to 1 mm² / AWG 17
  • medically approved cable jackets (medical grade and biocompatible)
  • cables fit for drag chains
  • low noise cables
  • cables with miniature foil shields, miniature braided shields and miniature spiral shields
  • cables with integrated ventilation through capillary tubes for pressure balance

Overwiew of our range of production:

A Filler / Strain relief element
B Conductor
C Wire and stranding
D Foil / Fleece / Banding
E Intermediate jacket
F Shielding
G Cable jacket / cable diameter