Feasibility, operational security, operating life, and environmental compatibility are the main decision criteria for selecting the adequate insulation and/or jacket material. However, material consumption, procurement and conversion cost have a strong influence on this decision.

The modern insulation and jacket material in today's cable manufacturing include:

  1. Thermoplastic synthetics
  2. Cross-linked thermoplastics
  3. Thermoplastic elastomers


The type of stranding is determined by the intended cable application. Very different stranding machines allow the production of special cables. As a result, we are able to manufacture stranding elements for reverse-rotation-free stranding. This stranding technique is important for a mechanically tension-free wire position in our special-cable-manufacturing.

SENSOCAB is capable of stranding up to 19 wires (also shielded wires) n reverse rotation.

There exist three different stranding techniques:

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